ABOUT Clayton Barbeau

Clayton Barbeau, husband and father of eight children, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in individual and couples counseling. To book private sessions either in person or through Skype, please click here.

Clayton Barbeau has been seen on public television and, through his videos and public appearances, all over the world and is currently in private practice in San Jose, California. His award winning books, DVDs, and tapes on topics including grief, loss, depression, intimacy and relationships can be found here.

Host of the original and popular PBS series, “Creating Family”, Barbeau’s books include Joy of Marriage, Delivering the Male, Father of the Family and How To Raise Parents. The late Teresa Adams, author of Living from the Inside Out referred to Clayton Barbeau as “The poet of mental health.” “The Father of the Family,” which he wrote in seven weeks and which was published in 1961, received the “Spiritual Life Award” as the best spiritual life writing of the year.  Cardinal Tisserant asked permission to have it translated into Italian for the benefit of the Catholic bishops dealing with family issues at Vatican Council II. When the Council was over the Italian translation was published in Italy—and each chapter was preceded by a quotation from one of the Council documents.  Readers might think the chapters were  reflections on the quote, when the reverse was true.  The Croatian translation of the book  followed suit as did all future editions of the book, which is now in its 54th year in print.

Mr. Barbeau has a worldwide audience. .In one 16-month period alone he lectured in 24 countries and 33 U.S states