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The Ikon is an award-winning novel based upon Mr. Barbeau’s experiences in the Korean War, where he earned his Combat Infantryman’s Badge and a Bronze Star. First published in l961 and long out of print, it was reissued in conjunction with the unveiling of the monument to  the American soldiers who served in the Korean war (52,249 US soldiers killed, 103,284 wounded, and 8,177 still missing in action. Winner of the James D. Phelan Award in Literature. 255pp. Hardbound. $10.00. At your request, this book may be inscribed by the author to whomever you designate.

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One reader wrote:  This is the book that let me know what my father had gone through in his time in Korea – about which he never spoke.”

What the critics are saying about The Ikon 

“The Ikon is a different novel about war, perhaps because it is as much the story of a searching of a soul as the story of a battle.” – Sadie Lowry in Library Lore.

Barbeau handles all his characters with considerable skill, and he does very well with his descriptions of combat, obviously knowing it firsthand. – Jack Fosie, San Francisco Chronicle.


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The Generation of Love, edited and introduced by Clayton Barbeau, is a valuable chronicle and time capsule of life in the hippie heyday in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco. Published in 1969 by Bruce Publishing,

New York, it is an 8 1/4″ x 11″ 92-page softback volume. Poems by Mary Norbert Korte, black and white photos of the Haight Ashbury scene by Jess Villalva.

Edited and with introduction by Clayton–one of the founders of 409 House in the Haight, this collectible of the era – at your request – can be personalized by an inscription from Clayton Barbeau. $10.00

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Delivering the Male explores the male mystique’s failure to deliver on the promised rewards of personhood and fulfillment. This book has been used by male liberation and men’s support groups in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Barbeau outlines positive steps for achieving greater freedom, enjoyment, and a deeper “at-homeness” that can be found outside the restrictive, traditional male role. And he encourages men to face the hard questions of personal identity: What do I really want from myself in life? What do I want to give to life? Who am I? The author shows how males who escape the tough-guy trap can become open, loving, mature men who respect and have reverence for other people – in their marriages and in their work relationships.

Upon request, Mr. Barbeau will inscribe the book. 138 pp. Softcover. $7.00

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In this book, Mr. Barbeau takes a close-up look at the changing and often frustrating relationships of teenagers and their parents. The book is based on the questions that teens and parents have asked during Barbeau’s many high school, convention and college appearances. Mr. Barbeau can inscribe a copy to whomever you request. This book is the result of the sort of program which you will find featured in the audio and the video pages of this website. A great gift for teens and an invaluable help to parents who wish to understand the unasked questions of their teenagers. Softcover. $14.95

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This classic book on Christian fatherhood was the winner of the 1961 Spiritual Life Award. Already published in Italian, a Croation edition and an updated English edition has just been released. It continues to be in demand 54 years after its first publication. Mr. Barbeau will inscribe the volume at your request.

Sophia Press edition: $10.00

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By Popular Demand: This book is back in print. A classic in the field or relationships! In a warm, straightforward manner, Barbeau examines the problems facing married couples today: fidelity; the sexual revolution; the meaning of “total” commitment; communication traps and creative conflict. Practical advice and theory are interwoven with case histories and vignettes detailing problems and their possible solutions. This book can be inscribed for the purchaser or the gift recipient. 138 pp. Softcover. $7.00

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A love story from the work-in-progress on Dante Aligheri, Dante and Gentucca is presently available in a photo-offset edition of the original letterpress edition. The original letterpress edition was first published in 1975 as part of the famed chapbook series edited by Robert Durand (Yes! Press) and Noel Young (Capra Press). That limited edition is being offered by rare book dealers at $50.00 to $100.00. This photo-offset edition of the original is published by Ikon Press. Illustrated, 44 pp. Softcover. $3.00

“Anyone who has walked the stones of Florence to the great brooding Dante near Santa Croce will especially cherish this love story. And it will quicken the heart of anyone who has ever been in love… It is a gem of the crafstmanship of writing and printing.” – San Francisco Chronicle

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