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Friday, February 27, 2015

This week has been a busy one for me, and I imagine for you as well.  Moving into the business of the new year is always a time of positive anticipation and opportunity to begin anew in ways I’ve never tested before…

I’m often asked what particular school of therapy I practice. I believe the closest approximation would be Gestalt.  I do not try to encapsule a client in a label, but rather meet him or her as an absolutely unique human being. I respond to the pain or the problem they present with whatever tools or methods I think will most help the client to resolving the issue. When dealing with a couple who find their relationship on the edge of termination, I am always delighted to help them see their present struggle as the growing pains into a new and more rewarding marriage. My own experience of a twenty six year marriage,( ended when perfectly healthy wife died of cerebral aneurysm), my single parenting then of the four youngest children and the four already living independently, and my marriage after ten years of widowerhood, provide me with a wealth of experience regarding family life, healthy marriages, parenting, grief…some of which I shared in my books, DVD’s and videos. My ten months spent in combat in the Korean War give me some basis for helping others cope with the stresses they are enduring. I delight in “graduating” clients who feel we have worked the change they needed.