The Coping Series

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 5.09.53 PMTHE COPING SERIES

This series of four one hour presentations given during an all day session before an audience of three hundred persons has proven immensely popular.

Some physicians prescribe it for clients under stress, therapists have recommended it to clients, others have praised it for being so helpful to them. Through his own inimitable style of combining humorous insights and clear perceptions, Barbeau offers various strategies on facing the perplexities of our lives.

  • Coping With Self: Develops the themes of our self-creation, our self-awareness and how stress is another term for being alive.
  • Coping With Others: Elaborates on some of the issues that cause confusion or hurt in relationships and how to overcome them.
  • Coping With Loss: Draws upon Barbeau’s own experiences of loss as well as those of others to offer wise and comforting counsel on proper self-care in handling the inevitable losses, great and small, of life.
  • Coping With Feelings: Too many people are too out of touch with the range of their feelings and more people either stifle or inappropriately express their feelings.  Drawing upon his personal experience and his years as a therapist, Barbeau offers pointers to helping us all better handle the depth and the expression of our feelings.

DVDs: $50.00 for the set.

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